(Lever 4)
(Lever 5)
Power Supply 12V 12V
Motor Power 300 W 300 W
Absorbtion 1,2 - 1,7 A 1,2 - 1,7 A
Thermic Protection 135 C 135 C
Working Tempertaure -35 C + 80 C -35 C + 80 C
Limit Switches Mechanical Mechanical
Structure Aluminium with epoxy paint Aluminium with epoxy paint
Max. length 2.6 m 3.2 m
Suggested Stroke 400 mm 500 mm
Weight 7.2 kg 7.6 kg

Adaptable to every type of , new or already existent, wood, iron or PVC made.
Reliable and Efficacious thanks to the materials we use (aluminium and stainless steel) and to a very powerful motor.
It need not particular maintenance and we assure the perfect working even in difficult climatic conditions (heat, intense cold)
Easy to Install thanks to the application of fastening brackets without changes to the gate. Clear and precise instructions are included in every kit. The elctronic control unit is easy to use and has three basis functions:
Step-step, automatic, automatic with stop. Other functions: weekly watch, additional control and safeties. possibility of connecting another couple of photocells, adjustable push.
Sure and Silent: the carefully built irreversable motor guarantees the locking of the of the wings without other fittings. The kay on equipment allows the manual opening in case of black out.


MEC 900
Horse Power 0.5 HP
Voltage / Frequency 230 V - 50 Hz
Absorbed Power 2.4 A
Absorbed Current 510 W
Electric Motor revolution 1350 r.p.m
Capacitor 20 uF
Protection Standard IP 55
Working Pressure 20 bars
Max. Pressure 40 bars
Oil Temperature -20 C + 80 C
Normal Torque cylinder bore 50 mm 54.20 da N.m
Normal torque cylinder bore 40 mm 36.15 da N.m
Lifting Speed Rating
3.5 m bar 4 seconds
6.0 m bar 8 seconds
6.0 m bar with fence 14 seconds
Total MEC 900 weight 120 kg
6 m bar 13 kg